• Companies can be bought and sold for a variety of drivers. At PFG we have clients that have focused on a single acquisition, made for strategic or opportunistic reasons. Conversely, others embark on “buy and build” strategies in specific key markets with the intention of developing a larger trading group or company investment portfolio.

    Frequently, we work with management teams to raise debt finance in support of a management buy out of current owners. Funding management buy-ins where a new owner is coming into a business are also situations for which we can arrange finance. The structures utilised to facilitate these can vary but now extend to include Employee Owned Trusts.

    Regardless of the circumstances and commercial rationale, PFG can work with clients and their advisers from the very start of the process from the initial offer stage right through to completion. Through our extensive network, we also have a track record of identifying acquisition targets and referring these to our clients (see case studies).

Case Studies

  • Automotive


    Finance Required: £35m
    Facility Arranged: Asset Finance (Hire Purchase + Lease Purchase + Operating Lease.
    Client: UK subsidiary of a multi-billion turnover global group. Single and dual
    source key component OEM (original equipment manufacturer) – part
    of global automotive supply chains for major motor vehicle producers.
    Purpose: To facilitate the creation of new production lines and manufacturing cells for next-generation critical components.
    Solution: Finance sourced from multiple funders on a planned basis, where each individual asset, or group of assets, was packaged and funded by an individual lender or finance company. Finance needed to be in place on time and in line with a complex implementation schedule.

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  • Construction


    Finance Required: £2.3m + £1.5m.
    Facility Arranged: Term Loans.
    Client: Construction company.
    Purpose: To facilitate the acquisition of two target companies.
    Solution: Finance facilities arranged in support of the client’s strategy of building a construction group. Initial acquisition on target 1 was short term to facilitate a rapid sales process, subsequently refinanced out to a longer-term lender. Facilities delivered on a term debt basis supported by the historic/forecast revenues of the businesses.

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  • Construction Related

    Construction Related

    Finance Required: £15m.
    Facility Arranged: Asset Based Lending – Invoice + Asset + Inventory Finance
    Client: Product manufacturer into the construction sector
    Purpose: Refinance of existing funder seeking an exit and provision of new, flexible finance facilities in support of a turnaround plan proposed by a new incoming management team with a proven track record
    Solution: Flexible Asset Based Lending solution arranged from a funder prepared to deploy in a turnaround situation and back the plan proposed.

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  • Facilities Management

    Facilities Management

    Finance Required: £10m
    Facility Arranged: Working Capital Facility.
    Client: UK subsidiary of a global facilities management group.
    Purpose: To maximise availability of working capital and provide a liquidity buffer during seasonal peaks.
    Solution: Off balance-sheet finance facility arranged with the capability to scale in line with forecast business requirements. A flexible cashflow solution enabling short term “cash advances” to be drawn down as and when needed.

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  • Leasing


    Sector: Leasing.
    Finance Required: Initially £5m (since grown to £100m).
    Facility Arranged: Funding line to support own lease book.
    Client: Leasing company
    Purpose: Wholesale funding required to facility growth of finance company own leasing book.
    Solution: Scalable funding line delivered from a funder with the capability to match the growth of the client.

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  • Marketing


    Finance Required: £40m (to date).
    Facility Arranged: Working Capital Facility.
    Client: Multi-national marketing and public relations provider.
    Purpose: To maximise availability of working capital thereby enabling a strong upward growth curve to be maintained.
    Solution: Delivery of a flexible cashflow solution enabling short term “cash advances” to be drawn down.

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  • Packaging


    Finance Required: £1.5m.
    Facility Arranged: Revolving Cashflow.
    Client: Packaging Producer.
    Purpose: Acquisition finance.
    Solution: Revolving Cashflow facilities deployed, enabling our client to unlock some equity investment to utilise on a further acquisition in support of a “buy and build” strategy.

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  • Security


    Finance Required: £3.5m.
    Facility Arranged: Invoice Finance + Term Loan.
    Client: Security company – remote and on-site service provider
    Purpose: Refinance of the incumbent funder seeking to exit, plus funding of the company during an insolvency process and financing for NewCo post Administration in line with management’s turnaround plan. Company insolvency was as a result of external factors unrelated to core operations and the business model.
    Solution: Introduction of a new funder with the capability to replace the existing lender and finance the company through Administration and deliver expansion funding for the NewCo.

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  • Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables

    Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables

    Finance Required: £8m.
    Facility Arranged: Asset Based Lending – Invoice Finance + Asset Finance + Term Loans.
    Client: A purveyor of fruit and vegetables to restaurants and food outlets.
    Purpose: To maximise availability of working capital in support of planned growth and to ensure improved matching of finance facilities with return on investment.
    Solution: Refinance of existing bank lending with a new structured Asset Based Lending facility with increased quantum and improved repayment basis thereby easing pressure on cashflow.

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