Mike didn’t come into the financial world through the normal channels in that he didn’t previously work for a finance company, or originally have an accountancy or banking background, but what he certainly has is nearly 30 years of experience running and building companies in the SME sector living through the highs and lows that the sector throws at you.

Mike’s extensive debt finance product knowledge arises from being on the user side of the equation, actually utilising debt finance products in support of both short term and longer-term company objectives. Having experienced the good times as well as more challenging ones, his hands-on experience has time and again proven invaluable in providing the clear ability to put himself in the shoes of the business owner.

Operating under Primary Finance Group’s local brand Primary Business Finance, Mike’s ability to focus on debt finance delivery from a slightly different perspective from the norm means that he has the ability to relate and understand what a business in the SME sector needs and when it needs it.

Based in central Scotland where Mike has a wealth of professional and business contacts he is perfectly located to assist companies located north of the border and in the North of England.

To get in touch with Mike directly, call him on 07912 842 665 or email mike.horn@primarybusinessfinance.co.uk

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