No client requirement or circumstances are exactly the same. We want to hear from you what you think you need and then to build on this with our experience to deliver the best funding solution we can. We will invest the time to obtain a thorough appreciation of your business and funding rationale. More straightforward requirements can often involve rapid turnaround times, but in more complex SME and corporate scenarios we deliver by following a tried and tested process:

  1. Information gathering to understand your company, strategy and funding requirement.
  2. Utilise our knowledge IP to devise a possible funding structure or options.
  3. Confidentially sense check, on a no-names basis, our initial thinking with the market, if required.
  4. Outline our proposals to you, including our terms of engagement and fee structure.
  5. Subject to you awarding us a mandate, investigate the detail and build up a funder proposal.
  6. Present the finance proposal to prospective funders.
  7. Work with you and prospective funders to source a credit backed offer of finance – negotiating facility structure, conditions and pricing as appropriate.
  8. Obtain a credit approved offer(s) of finance (contingent on funder underwriting and approval).
  9. Subject to your acceptance of credit approved offer, work with you and your new funder to address any preconditions of finance and steps through to facility activation, then drawdown of funds.

Not sure what you need?

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